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Winches are the most efficient engineering machines to pull, push & lift any material from any distance. `Wellworth’ winches are designed to match specific customer requirement according to their application & uses. `Wellworth’ also undertakes manufacturing & installation of its superior quality Winches at client site.

The Winch machines we offer are made from high grade metal, steel channels, sheet and angles. Each machine is strongly built to work under any arduous conditions. The frame is made of M.S. Channels, Beam, Sheet and angels. The fabricated base frame is strong and heavily built to stand the work load under any arduous conditions.

Mechanical Winch
  • We manufacture Hand Winches for loads up to 2MT which are worm- geared- winches used for numerous industrial & domestic applications.
  • Our Hand Winches are available in Floor & Wall mounted models & are also available in compact sizes for hand held applications.
  • We have manufactured these winches custom made for use along with nuclear equipment made entirely in Stainless Steel grade 316L.
  • We also make CRAB Winch Machines featuring triple spur geared reduction gears in an all steel body & gears from 1-20 MT capacity & also as per client specification.
Mechanical Winch

Power Winches
Power Winches
"WELLWORTH" power winches are electrically operated using an AC/DC motor transferring power through a gear box. Our winches have excellent safety features, like - Emergency cut off switch next to the operator seat, Drum guard for operator protection, Overload relays & height cut off indicators built in the panel box. The operation is controlled by an automatic panel box unit and the base frame design helps in quick mounting applications.

Our Winches are equipped with Electro Magnetic Brake - In case of failure of the current the electromagnetic brake will be operated and stop the winch immediately.

The different categories of `Wellworth’ Power Winches are:
  • Single & Double Drum Winch.
  • Well-Sinking Winch.
  • Piling Winch.
  • Wagon-shunting Winch.

The striking features of power winches manufactured by us are:
  • These are available in AC & DC models and Slip ring & Crane duty motors.
  • Safe working loads from 1 - 100 MT or special capacity.
  • Operating height - As required.
  • Helical gear box with Electro-Hydraulic thruster brake.
  • Single & variable speeds- From Creep speed to 50 Mtr/min, or more.
  • Stability- "WELLWORTH" winches are totally stable at high speeds, load & operating height.
  • Tested at mandatory overload norms.
  • "WELLWORTH" specializes in double drum winches with universal & opposite directional movement for high mast applications in the lighting industry. The Winch is so designed to occupy minimum space and is powered by a portable electro-mechanical device.


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