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Webbing and Lashing
Our extensive product range offers quality Webbing and Lashing Belts or Polyester Slings/Belts as they are popularly referred to. This includes Ratchet Belts and Ratchet Lashing and Ratchet Buckles. These are fabricated using quality tested raw material and appreciated for high strength and high shock absorption capacity. We also provide customization on our range as per the specification of clients. Our range is available in varied sizes and lengths.

Usage Advantages Effective Length:

Webbing Slings with Eyes/ Polyester Slings/Belt type Slings
Webbing sling is woven with sewn eye loops at both ends. It is often used to even out and soften the pressure on the load. Round sling strops may have loops too, but the stronger design with a fibre core and cover make them suitable for heavier lifts.

Material Properties of Polyester Webbing
  • Polyester is resistant to acids but not to alkalis, e.g. ammonia and caustic soda.
  • The melting point is 260°C, but polyester lifting equipment must not be used with loads hotter than 100°C.
  • The strength is not affected by water. Water absorption is negligible.
  • Note that friction and sharp edges quickly wear polyester down.
  • Lifting equipment in polyester has a BLUE Identification Tag.

Webbing sling

Roundless Webbing Sling
Round Webbing Slings/ Round Type Polyester Slings
Round slings consist of an endless load-bearing sling made of polyester fibre, protected from dirt and wear with a single- or double-layered cover of polyester fabric. There are two types of covers; side seam with double cover which give a stiffer round sling and the seamless for softer version.

Features of Polyester Webbing:
  • High lifting capacity
  • Long lasting
  • Corrosion resistant
  • High tensile strength
  • Safety Factor-Round & webbing slings = 7:1 according to EN-standards.

Anti Cut & Anti Abrasive Protective Layers
Our products are also available with Anti Cut & Anti Abrasive protection sleeves used to protect against any cutting/ shearing of the belts due to sharp edge on the load and frictional wear & tear.
Anti Abrasive Protective Layers

Ratchet Buckles
Ratchet Buckles
We export Ratchet Buckles, which provides the tension force that is uniform in nature. The locking mechanism of ratchet buckles ensures that the tension is retained till it is unlocked. Our range ensures complete locking of belt in position and provide unlocking mechanism which is safe and fast.

Features :
  • High strength
  • Available in varied sizes
  • High shock absorbing capacity
  • Long lasting

Ratchet Lashing
We supply Ratchet Lashing that is used to secure loads on pallets, vehicles and aircraft. Designed in conformation with international quality standard, our range holds the objects tightly during transportation. Ratchet lashing is reusable and available in various lengths. The Polyester Webbing has least elongation (less than 7 %) and is soft & safe to use with high shock absorbing capacity (up to 90%). We also provide Ratchet Lashing Assemblies which are available in 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm & 100mm Sizes yielding SWL of 0.5MT – 10MT.Features:

  • Durable
  • High strength
  • Available in varied sizes
  • High shock absorbing capacity
Ratchet Lashing


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