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Wire Ropes
Wire RopesWe are pioneers in the field of manufacturing high quality isi marked wire rope for construction, industrial wire ropes, lifting wire ropes, single strand ropes, ungalvanized wire ropes and round stranded ropes.

Know your `Wellworth’ Rope
Steel Ropes is a technical product and knowing the broad parameters can only be useful

The diameter of rope is the diameter of its circumference, circumscribed to its normal section. This diameter is given in millimeters. Determining the Practical Diameter:-

Construction of Rope / Wire Arrangement
The strand is the simplest construction. It consists of one or more layers of superimposed wires laid spirally around one or more centre wires or around a fibrous core. The construction of the strand is identified by the number of wires in the individual layers, starting from the outer one (e.g. 12+6+1 or 15+9+FC). FC indicates a fibrous core. Distinction is made between strands with cross laid and equal laid wires.
Centre Core of Wire Rope
This can be Steel Core, IWRC (Independent wire Rope Core) of a Fibrous core. Wherein Steel Core just refers to another Single Strand serving as the central core, the IWRC is a metallic rope having for example a construction designated by 7 x (6 +1) or 7 x 7.
The Core is said to be Fibrous or FC when we use a fibrous material like jute, cotton, nylon, polypropylene etc in the centre of the rope. This is primarily used to attain additional flexibility in the rope.

Type of Lay
We offer RH, LH & Lang’s lay ropes in our range. The lay of the outer wires in the strands be in the same direction or in the opposite direction to that of the strands in the rope, the result will be respectively a Lang's Lay rope or an ordinary (regular) Lay rope, having a right hand lay or left hand lay according to the lay of the strands. Right hand and left hand lays are designated respectively Z and S.

Wire ropes are lubricated as a protection against oxidization and to reduce friction between wires and strands. Fiber cores are impregnated for preservation purposes. During the stranding and roping operations, all wires forming the strand and all strands forming the rope are lubricated. The type of lubrication varies according to the application for the rope and the type of plant for which it is intended. During the working life of the rope, lubrication should be carried out periodically with good quality products compatible with those used during manufacture and which we shall be pleased to indicate upon request.

Lubricants used during manufacture shall be free from solvents, moisture, aromatic compounds, alkaline soaps and acidity both organic and inorganic. For protection of wire ropes against corrosion and frictional wear, elephant wire ropes have various kinds of lubrications.

Wire Ropes
Choose your `Wellworth’ Rope
We offer customization facilities to our clients as per the specifications given by them. For this, we need some vital data regarding construction from client's end. These include:

Un-Galvanized or Galvanized Galvanized
Construction and type of core 6 X19+1WRC
Diameter or circumference 25mm Dia
Direction and type of lay Right-Hand Regular Lay
Preformed or non-preformed Preformed
Lubrication A-3 type
Tensile strength 180 Kg/mm2 / 1770N/mm2 EIPS
Specification BSS/ API / DIN
Packing Coil/Wooden-drum
Usage Fishing/Sky-line/ Haul-back line

Further, in case you would need us to choose your `Wellworth’ Rope, we would ask the following details so as to provide you the best suitable products & services. This include:
  • The data of the ropes used so far (see above) and their performance in actual practice.
  • Information including all data on sheaves and drums such as diameters, size of grooves, groove spacing, pitch of grooves on the drum, lifting height.
  • Intensity of service.
  • Nominal and maximum loads.
  • Number of layers of the rope on the drum with lifted load.
  • Special conditions, such as corrosive atmosphere, high temperature exposure.
Wire Ropes for Brakes

Steel Wire Ropes
Steel Wire Ropes
Application Areas : Some of the industry usages with respectable manufacturing compliances include:

General Engineering Ropes IS 2266
Mining/Haulage Steel Ropes IS 1855,1856 & IS 2266
Suspension Bridge Wire Rope IS 9282
Drilling Steel Wire Rope IS 4521
Lift & Elevators Rope IS 2365
Shipping & Lashing Rope IS 2581
Aviation & Automobile Ropes & Strands IS 3459
Slings – Steel Wire Rope IS 5245 Part I & II
PVC/LD/HD/Nylon coated Ropes AISI 304, 316, 310
Guy/Support Ropes
ACSR Conductor & Stay Wires
Structural & Designing suitable ropes IS 2266
Fishing Ropes IS 2266
Haul Back Lines Sky Lines / Safety Line


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