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Rigging Hardware
We are engaged in manufacturing a wide range of Rigging Hardware such as Sheave Pulley Block, D Clamps, Lifting Clamps, Plate clamps and Pulley Block. These are widely appreciated for high tensile strength and enhanced durability. Our range is mainly used in Construction, Automobile Industries, Material Handling and Marine Sector.

D Clamps/U Clamps/ Bull Dog Grips/ Forged Clamps
We provide U Clamps developed using quality tested raw material. Finishes like Hot Dip Galvanised, Powder Coated or just plain painted surfaces.

Applications- Construction, Material Handling, Engineering, Marine sectors. The sizes run according to the rope dia with which they are to be used.

`D’ Shackles / Dee Shackles/ Bow Shackles/ Omega Shackles
Available in various metal types like Mild Steel, Alloy Steel Gr.80, Grade 63 and finishes like Hot Dip Galvanised, Powder Coated or just plain painted surfaces.
Applications- Construction, Material Handling, Engineering, Marine sectors.
Our Standard Range is from 0.5MT – 500MT Capacity.

  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Durable.
  • Capacity Embossed on surface.
  • High load capacity.
Lifting Rings & Links
Rings are most widely used as end attachments in Slings.
Types of Rings -
  • Bull Ring - Used at the top of a sling.
  • Bull Ring with Sub Rings – With smaller rings inside them for easy movement of the sling legs during lifting.
Rings are available in Mild Steel & Alloy Steel primarily and in Shapes –
  • Round Rings.
  • Oblong Rings.
  • Elliptical.
  • Oval Ring.
Hooks are most widely used as end attachments in Slings and connected to load. These are made in Mild Steel, Alloy Steel Grade 80 and Grade 63. The Hook family mainly comprises of -
  • Shank Hooks - Used as bottom hooks of Chain Blocks, Pulley Blocks and Cranes. Available in different shank lengths for use as Crane Hooks. Standard Range 0.25MT – 100MT Capacity.
  • Eye Hooks – Used as end attachments in Slings and connected to loads to be lifted. Standard Range 0.25MT – 25MT Capacity.
  • Snap Hooks - Spring Loaded for lighter loads commonly used in exercise equipments. Standard Range 5mm – 12mm in Steel- Galvanised & Powder coated, Stainless Steel and Aluminium.
  • Clevis Hook - Used as end connectors with Link or Roller Chain. Standard Range 0.25MT – 20MT Capacity.
  • Clevis Grab Hook – Similar to Clevis but with lesser jaw space. Standard Range 0.25MT – 20MT Capacity.
  • Swivel Hook - A rotating hook used to connect with Steel Wire Ropes at Load point. Standard Range 0.25MT – 100MT Capacity.
  • Web Connecting Hook - Used as the end attachment with Polyester Lifting Belts. Standard Range 0.25MT – 20MT Capacity.
Eye Bolts & Eye Lets
Eye Bolts is an end component/connecting component having a small ring at top and a threaded shank which can be connected to a threaded drilled area in case of plates, members, or finished product surfaces. These are generally available in BS & Metric threads commonly referred to as Inches & MM threading. These have embossed capacity ratings on the surface and are available in Forged, Galvanised & Powder Coated Finishes.

Standard Range 0.25MT – 20MT Capacity in sizes 6MM to 65MM.
D Clamps

Plate Lifting Clamps
Plate Lifting Clamps – Horizontal type & Vertical type
We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of Plate clamps that finds wide application in various industries. Our range comprises precision lifting devices for steel plate, structural shapes, pipe, and drum. Fabricated using finest quality raw material, these are widely appreciated for high tensile strength and enhanced durability.
Range – 1MT – 10MT in both Horizontal & Vertical types.

Connecting Links & Chain Shortners
Connecting Links is a modern day engineering marvel & extensively used to connect chains thereby avoiding possible any opening & re-welding requirement in any of the chains while assembly. These are quite safe and approved under Inter Plant Standards of IS and enjoy total acceptance in the Steel Plants etc. Standard Range 1.5MT – 32MT Capacity achieved in sizes 7mm to 32mm respectively.

Shortners however are placed in an existing chain sling/assembly for use in case the chain length is required to be altered. These are governed by the chain sizes on which they are fitted.
Standard Range 1.5MT – 32MT Capacity achieved in sizes 7mm to 32mm respectively.

Bottle Screws / Turn Buckle / Rigging Screws/ Straining Screws
Turn buckles form an important component of the Material Handling family and are widely used for straining & tensioning on fixed lines. They provide leverage of adjustment in length in rope lines which may happen due to expansion & contraction of metal surfaces, achieved due to opposite threading in both the screws at either ends. These are generally drop forged quality but are also available in Steel, Stainless Steel and Mild Steel. We offer an extensive range in this category-0.2MT–20MT Capacity in the following types-

Features :
  • Bow & Bow – Commonly known as Straining Screw.
  • Eye & Eye Type - Commonly known as Turn Buckle.
  • Eye & Hook Type.
  • Eye & Jaw Type.
  • Jaw & Hook Type.
  • Jaw & Jaw Type.
  • Hook & Hook Type.
Rigging and Straining Screws

Sheave Pulley Block
Sheave Pulley Blocks
We offer Sheave Pulley Block, which allow quick and easy load redirection or multiplication of the maximum load capacity. The sheave pulley block is composed of a wheel and a groove between two flanges around the wheel's edge. One rope, cable, belt or chain mainly runs inside the grooves. Designed in line with international quality standard, our range is used to change the direction of an applied force, transmit rotational motion, or realize a mechanical advantage in either a linear or rotational system of motion. We offer
  • Manilla Rope Pulley Blocks – Used for 1MT-2MT loads and available light, bearing and snatch blocks in Single, Double & Triple sheaves.
  • Wire Rope Pulley blocks - From 0.25MT – 100MT SWL , available with Government approved load testing certifications and test certificate.
  • Snatch Pulley Blocks – Available in both Manilla & Wire Rope options.
These are normally available in Single, Double & Triple Sheaves, however the same can be increased if required.

  • High load capacity
  • Durable
  • Corrosion resistant

Cable Carriers
Though available in toughened plastic and steel combinations it is a highly useful product to carry electric cables used in all Material Handling Equipment and thus prevent dangerous dangling of the same in work area. These are available according to cable sizes & shapes and also according to customer suitability with speed, safety and snatch type options.

Cable carrying trolley is also available to carry heavy cables on a given path.

Standard Range of Cables 4mm to 32mm .

Polypropylene Rope, Manila & Jute Rope
PP ropes have gradually increased their foothold in the material handling industry as they are light in weight & offer resistance to acids, atmospheric conditions. It is offered in standard 220Mtr coils, an agreed standard in the lashing industry. The uses are similar to that of Steel Wire Ropes but for lesser loads.

Standard Range of PP Ropes 4mm to 60mm.

Manila & Jute Ropes generally find use in the packing industry & agricultural applications.
Cable Carriers


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