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We manufacture excellent and efficient array of very high performance oriented hydraulic machinery including hydraulic jack and steel hydraulic jack which have extensive application in different industries under the highly reputed `WELLWORTH’ brand name. Our range of hydraulic jacks can also be fully customized and are very competent both in their productivity and durability.

Mechanical Jacks
These are high quality industrial jacks made of total steel body. Our standard range:
  • Ratchet type screw lifting jacks mounted on Traversing Base- Primarily used in the Railway and Bridges & Dam Applications. 10MT – 100MT Capacity.
  • Mechanical Toe Lift Jacks. 10MT – 50 MT Capacity.
  • Cable Drum Jack. 18” – 48” Height.
  • Round Body Industrial Mechanical Jack with Bearing. 10MT – 50MT Capacity.
Mechanical Jacks

Hydraulic Jacks
Hydraulic Jacks
We manufacture precision engineered hydraulic jacks which offer easy operation and are extensively used in multiple jacking system, transformers, heavy machinery, oil rigging and structural equipment etc.

Our Standard Range of Hydraulic Jacks:
  • Hydraulic Bottle Type Jack. From 5MT – 100MT Capacity.
  • Remote control Jack – With a separate pumping unit connected to the main Jack using a 2Mtr Hydraulic Hose. From 5MT – 1000MT Capacity.
  • Hydraulic Puller Centre Hole Jack Remote type. From 10MT – 100MT Capacity.
  • Trolley Jack- Primarily for Automobiles & Workshop applications. From 1.5MT – 20MT Capacity.
  • Hydraulic Toe Lift Jack. From 10MT – 50MT Capacity.
  • Hydraulic Pallet Truck. From 1MT – 3MT Capacity.
  • Hydraulic Lifting Table. From 1MT – 3MT Capacity.
  • Hydraulic Mobile Floor Crane. From 1MT – 3MT Capacity.
  • Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine. Suitable for pipe sizes ½” to 6”.
  • Hydraulic Power Pack Unit – Available with Single & Double acting cylinder and can be easily connected to a variety of Hydraulic equipment.

Features of `Wellworth’ Jacks:
  • Heavy duty chassis that prevents it from twisting or bending.
  • Safety overload valve that prevents overloading beyond rated capacity.
  • Extra wide stance for extra stability.
  • Complete air operation for low maintenance and long life.
  • Internally machined oil passages, smooth bearing surfaces and close tolerances.
  • Quick-lift pedal that makes it suitable for heavy duty intensive and commercial use.
  • Made of high quality iron or steel.
  • Safe to use and an approved & reputed brand.
  • Tested to 20% overload with 1Year warrantee and Test Certificate.
  • Use of total German PU seals for extra long life & durability.

Product Development
We are continuously designing & manufacturing application based Hydraulic systems for our valued customers and are capable of client specific hydraulic systems in terms of size, capacity and application.


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