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Chain & Hoists

Chains form an integral part of the material handling family. `Wellworth’ is regarded as a professional source for all types of Chain Pulley Blocks. This includes:

Link Chains
These are made in a variety of metals like Stainless Steel, Alloy & Mild Steel, Copper, Aluminium, Brass and even Nylon based plastic compounds.

Chain is divided into types depending on shape of the link
  • Short link (KL) Chain.
  • Medium length link (HL) Chain.
  • Long link (LL, HLC) Chain.
These chains are also made in different strength grades. Chain of Grade 8 is the most common in lifting equipment. The sole exception is chain used in very hot environments, where a chain of Grade3 is required to prevent the heat treatment from being affected. Only Short link chain is used for lifting operations in chain blocks & hoists.

The applications are:-
  • Part of Chain blocks – Lifting/Load Chain & Operating Chain.
  • Decorative chain & partition Chain.
  • Lifting Chain & Engineering Chain.
  • Tie Down Chain / Lashing Chain.
Roller Chains
These form an integral part of automobiles and are mainly used for various engineering applications. We market the brand `DIAMOND’ extensively and also offer custom made chains & attachments in various metals.

The main Applications are :-
  • Roller type Driving Chain `DIAMOND’
  • Chain for Sprockets / Drive chain for machinery.
  • Chain for Conveyors
  • Ductility.
  • Toughness.
  • Durable.
  • Wear resistant.
Chain Hoist

Chain Block & Trolley
Our range of Chain Blocks are extensively used in industrial applications, we offer the brands `INDEF’ & `W’. These are fabricated using quality tested material and ensure long service. Our range is available in different capacity and used for lifting heavy loads in various industrial like Construction, Engineering, Automobile and Marine Sector.

Product Range - These are available from 0.5MT- 20MT SWL and come with or without Trolley for horizontal lateral movement

  • `Wellworth’ offers the famous `W’ brand of high quality chain blocks from its stable of Material Handling systems. Available in Alloy Steel Gr80 model, it is well known for its life & smooth operation. Manufactured in accordance with IS3822, these undergo a series of rigorous tests and are finally tested to 50% overload and carry a 1 year warrantee along with test certificate.
  • INDEF' make is a `BAJAJ’ group company and `WELLWORTH’ markets the same extensively. The Chain Pulley Block is heavy duty as per IS3822, ISI Marked, tested to 50% overload, with one year warrantee and test certificate.
    • Model M, the main features are:-Export model, Compact-Light in weight, Very durable, Rugged & maximum life as compared to other Chain Blocks in this segment, ISI marked, Triangle body.
    • Model P - Heavy Duty & rugged model – Highly durable and well known for its life span. ISI marked, Round shaped body, Blue colour.
Chain Block

Pulling and Lifting Machines

Pulling and Lifting Machines
We provide Pulling and Lifting Machines, which is designed in compliance with ISO, CE marketing, BIS and ISI quality standards in both our brands `INDEF’ & `W’. These machines comes with standard length of wire-rope that is fitted with hook or shackle at one end and fuse and tapered at the other end.

Range – Minimum Capacity 0.75MT Lifting & 1.25 Pulling to 5.0MT Lifting & 8.0MT Pulling capacity.

  • Optimum performance
  • High tensile strength
  • Durable

Hoists - Wire Rope Hoists & Chain Hoists
We offer Wire Rope Hoist & Chain Hoists that is available in different capacity. Fabricated using quality tested material. Our range surpasses all quality standards. Designed in line with international quality standard, our range load and unload material effectively. This is available in brands `INDEF’ & `W’.

Range – We offer Single Phase domestic Rope Hoists up to 1MT Capacity and 3 Phase industrial Rope Hoists from 1MT – 20MT SWL Capacity.
These are available in fixed mounted or with manual/electric trolley for horizontal lateral movement.

Features :
  • Multipurpose
  • Portable
  • High tensile strength
  • Universal
  • Gearless

Benefits :
  • Designed for long life
  • Rope guide prolongs rope life
  • Alternative drum lengths allow for various heights of lift
Wire Rope Hoist


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