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Product Benefits
The inherent benefits of Wellworth products are:

WellworthClear Capacity Ratings:
  • W.L.L (Working Load Limit): It is the maximum permitted load under normal (vertical) lifting conditions, given by the manufacturer.
  • Breaking Force/ Load: It is the greatest force the equipment is exposed to during tensile strength testing.
  • Safety Factor: It is the relationship between breaking force and W.L.L. Note! The safety factors for chain, steel wire rope and soft slings differs.
  • Manufacturing Proof Force/ Load: It is the force to which lifting equipment or components are tested prior to delivery.
  • Total Ultimate Elongation: It is the elongation of a component at the moment of breaking in percent of the original length. It is a measure of toughness.
  • Metal Grade: For example in Steel
  • Mild Steel Gr.30, Alloy Steel Gr.80 & 63.
  • Surface Finish: Might be Galvanised or Ungalvanised.
  • Metal Composition: The product might be Steel, Stainless Steel etc
Benefits of a `Wellworth’ Dealer
Subject to approval by the Company, all dealer benefits would be passed on, which are mentioned below, however the Company reserves the right to withdraw/add/amend any/all at any point of time:-
  • Access to technical database of the company. Technical assistance over phone, internet and personal visit if required(depending on the volume/importance of the business being discussed)
  • Order acceptance and shipment up to 5 times the dealership deposit, through bank, without confirmatory advance. Shipment of invoice value up to the dealership deposit direct in your favour against concessional C forms, as per state laws. Subject to payment within 7 days from the date of shipment. The same can be increased in due course of time.
  • Waiver of all advance requirements, even for custom made products.
  • Provision of all catalogues, samples free of charge.
  • The company would charge only 50% of its normal charges, in case of sample development, as per your customers' specification.
  • The company would forward all necessary product enquiries in your favour OR sell directly, as the Company may deem fit, after adjusting the Dealer’s interest.
  • Advertising and promotion benefit @1% of paid up sales revenue, at the end of each financial year, against copy of contract from a media company of repute, only if `Wellworth' is displayed adequately. 
  • A dealer can be appointed a distributor subject to business achieved in comparison with other dealers in the region and if the dealer exceeds the company's expectations. 
  • You will be a part of the WELLWORTH family.


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